You will need
  • digital cable TV tuner with a power cable and plug 220V, remote control (RC) with the battery type – AA, RCA audio-video cable connecting.
Remove cable TV tuner from the box, visually check the integrity of the elements of the decoder. Open the cover on the remote control and insert two AA batteries, observing proper polarity. Connect the antenna cable, at the end of which has screw or crimp F-type connector to RF-in (Ant-in) input switching panel located on the rear of the TV tuner.Plug the RCA audio-video cable in the kit to color the ports on the patch panel on the rear side of the TV tunerwhile, on the one hand and to the corresponding color connectors on the TV on the other side.
Turn on the digital tuner and TV. Switch on the corresponding input, for example TV/AV.Press on the remote control TV tunerand "Menu". Move the cursor to "auto search channels" and click "OK". The tuner will begin channel switching. At the end of automatic search of channels will be displayed found. Click "OK" on the remote control.To exit the "Main menu" repeatedly press the button to exit the menu or in the "Main menu" move the cursor using the buttons to "Exit" and press "OK". On the front panel TV tunerand will display the channel number.If you want to search for channels manually, it should be in the subsection menu to choose "Manual channel search". The option "Reset channels" - will reset all previous settings of the channels. To search again, press "auto search channels". To sort the channels, to group list, or transfer the channel to another number, you should choose the option "Sort channels". After each change, press "OK".To view the electronic program guide (EPG), press the "EPG" on the remote control. The screen will display two lists: at the top of the list of channels below is the gear list for the selected channel. To navigate the list, use the control buttons on the remote control "up" "down". To exit the menu "EPG", press "Exit" on the remote control.