If you are a subscriber of cable television, carefully read the instructions for setting up channels and TNT will return to its rightful place in the broadcasting schedule. To set of TNT, either in automatic or in manual mode from the menu of the TV.
If nothing helps, contact the service to your cable network: perhaps the reason for the disappearance of a favorite channel lies in a malfunction of the system or TV.
Call to service in the case of TNT, until recently a hundred broadcasts, and now stubbornly refuses to come back on the air. An employee of a cable television will definitely check the cable and the stability of the signal.
If you use a regular one antenna, which cannot convert the relatively weak signal of TNT in the picture without interference, it is likely that this is due to the remoteness of your antenna from the Central tower or with different kinds of obstacles that prevent quality signal (e.g., condominium, etc.).
Try to change the position of the antenna and its direction. Due to the change of the position of the antenna may begin to accept the reflected signal to improve its quality, and TNT will be a very good show.
If you are the owner of satellite antennas, view its basic settings. It is likely that the deterioration in signal quality due to the fact that the settings are simply lost.
Compare the existing indicators with the standard. Enter the menu "Setup" (enter the code 0000), then setting LNB: satellite name, frequency of the upper channel, lower channel frequency. Compare the indicators for the missing channel TNT and one of the existing channels. Write the data, determining differences between them, and later install on TNT the same settings as on the current channel.
Please note that sometimes technical problems arise not only from subscribers, but also the TV channels.