You will need
  • instruction;
  • - the remote control.
Use the auto search of available TV channels for your particular model. On the front of the TV or on the remote control press and hold for a few seconds the start button menu to tune channels. This should start menu automatically search. Wait for automatic configuration of channels, then the TV return to normal viewing mode.
Configure the channels manually. Enter this mode by means of special buttons on your remote (for some, characterized by the pressing of two buttons) or from the panel of the TV. Adjust using the +/- buttons the channel frequency, adjust the quality of your aerial signal and navigate to the following setting.
In order to navigate through menu items use buttons to control volume. Please note that some TVs can automatically search for a channel, and when displayed on the screen, the desired position it is fixed by pressing certain buttons.
Check the instructions for your TV section about configuring channels. If it is not you, for any reason, download a new from the official Sony website or other Internet resources. Also note that you can call technical support to serve you service provider for assistance with configuring the channels on your TV.
In case you make use of the satellite equipment, perform initial configuration of the channels in your receiver. It is best not to change settings that were originally produced by the workers, but the TV setup is done on the same principle, however, it will be better just to produce the automatic search.