You will need
  • - TV
  • - satellite receiver.
Connect the tuner to the TV using the available connector. Choose a channelthat will show a satellite receiver. Install in the manual mode the command is "channel Search". The tuner at this point should be included, and on his screen needs to displayed figures (not hours). Save the channel, it will appear in satellite channels, switching them on the receiver.
Add the channel on the tuner, scan for this the transmitter on the selected satellite tuner. For this you need to first determine which channel you want to configure. Use an online lookup table channels Define it, what is a satellite channel and view its settings in the transponder list.
Go to the menu of the tuner section, which is associated with the settings, namely, settings of the transponders. Depending on the model of the tuner section title may change. Select the desired transmitter. Then press the button on the remote control to transponder scan and add the channels on the receiver. Spend twice a month automatically scan channels those satellites that are configured.
Select the satellite in the receiver menu, then press the scan button. Select the desired mode: manual, auto, blind, or network. Install the "Auto" position, not to enter the transponder settings. The tuner will find yourself all the working transponders taken your satellite dish.
Once you find the desired channel, navigate to the menu of the receiver, select "channel Editor" – "TV channels" and add the channel to the list. At the time of selection of the channels select the folder where they will appear, click "OK" and press the white button on the remote.