Determine the coordinates of TV channels on the official website of the provider. This should be done when using the auto search cannot find half of the channels, as there is no reference to their frequency in the packet NIT (Network Information Table) - a table that is transmitted on the reference transponder of the satellite. Paid channels often have their own NIT. Receiver (receiver) does not play a role.
Find new channels. The search for new channels from different satellite receivers are different, but there is a lot in common. Open the menu using the remote or pressing the button on the front panel of the tuner. Select “Setup”, “setup” or ”Installation”. Click "OK". Confirm intentions correctly typing the password. Usually, they are 0000. Click "OK".
Click “Manual search” or “channel Search” and select the satellite, for example, Amos 2/3 4W . The most important thing is to correctly specify the satellite receiver parameters to find the satellite. These data enter with numeric buttons of remote control of the tuner, namely frequency, polarization, flow rate and FEC. For example, the tuner of the type of GLOBO, whose remote has a bottom row of colored buttons, first select transponder, press OK and attempt to find it in the list. If not, switch to "Edit" then "Add" and then enter the parameters. Then press the red button – "Transponder OK.
Press OK to start searching channels. After completing the process, again "OK" to save the found. Then press Exit - to exit the menu. Prescribed channels will be the bottom of the General list of channels. Channels that have already been recorded on this frequency, not re-prescribe. Then you can edit them, i.e. to transfer to the columns relevant to them. For example, "Music", "Movie", "news" or "Kids".