You should know that to receive digital signal you must install equipment which has the function of receiving and playback on the TV standards of the transmitted signal.

This may be the following device.
Cable receiver, freestanding, DVB-C (with the use of cable networks) or DVB-T (standard broadcasting), with a separate control panel. The receiver should connect to audio-video inputs from virtually any TV, both analog and digital;
A modern TV that has a built-in tuner DVB-C and/or DVB-T. In this case, just connect the cable taking the signal to the aerial socket, and can accept signal after setting up the TV.
The computer, however, it is needed to see the additional presence of a PC card or an external tuner connected via USB port.
To configure a digital tuner for receiving digital television required in the following sequence. First connects to the antenna Jack of the tuner cable digital TV. You then need to connect the tuner and AV input of TV, and include a television receiver. Further, in the TV menu, select the appropriate AV input and connect the power to the tuner. Wait for the first splash, and then suggestions from the tuner to tune channels on the remote, click OK. Will be automatically set up channels.
If you want to customize a TV that has a built-in digital tuner, you must follow the instructions on the use of this model TV. First, to the antenna Jack of the television receiver connect the network cable. Then, if necessary, in the menu "Cable to install the required parameters for the start and end frequency and the symbol rate, and a "network search (NIT) enabled. Then in the menu choose the search type to "auto" and the input source is "cable". It is also necessary click the type of channels, "Digital and analog".