You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the passport.
Check to see if you can find the exam results on the Internet. To do this, find the website of the Regional centre of information processing (rtsoi) for your accommodation. There will be given information whether the exam results online.
10 days after the exam go to the website of your rcoi. Fill out your personal information - surname, name and patronymic, a series and passport number. If the data is correct, you will receive the following information: the name of the item that you eksamenopgaves, date of test, initial scores on the test, and the maximum number of points that you can get (raw score 60), data about how many students were equal to or large than you scores, and finally your scores on the exam at stoballnoy scale. The last figure is the most important - it determines the applicant's place in the ranking of applicants for a particular course.
If rcai your region does not provide information on the Internet, find out the results differently. If you are a student, the results a few days after the test will be available in your school.
If you graduate College or just graduated over a year ago, find out the results in the institution where you took the exam. Some universities, which is one of the stages of testing, also placed the results online on their websites. The list passed the exam with scores can be free, and you can compare your scores with the scores of other students to better understand their chances of admission in desired University.