Earnings on games

Here you have two options: create a new game that will become very popular "Vkontakte" or use what is already there. For example, you can start to promote an existing application for a fee. In many games you can become a moderator of the online chat.

And if you decide to create an online game, then you need to have some knowledge in programming. Although, of course, is a more profitable option earnings through "Vkontakte".

Now that you created your own game. Then you can make it through the temporary branding. This is when some other company will sell themselves with the help of your game time.

Clicks "Vkontakte"

Take part in surveys, polls, post some news on the wall of your account "Vkontakte", join groups and subscribe to the public. In General, it is necessary to do all that many already do for free. Services that are paid for these actions abound, here are some of them:

  • exchange viral marketing Sarafanka;
  • the service ForumOK;
  • service SMMKA;
  • exchange likes Smook;
  • exchange advertising VKTarget.

Just don't expect there fabulous earnings. Such earnings on the Internetis definitely more suitable for students and just the kind of entertainment that brings a bit extra rubles.

Group "Vkontakte"

Here you have the chance to earn without investing more. Create an open group or public. Daily attendance must be at least 500 unique visitors. Let the subscribers will be more than 1000 and forward – start earning with "Vkontakte"! Advertising exchange would pay you for posted 70-100 rubles. Of course, again, the popularity of the band should be at 1,000 or more people. Examples of such exchanges: Sociate.ru and Trendio.

The group can make an online store. This is also an excellent earnings without investment. Or earn money on affiliate programs. Anyway, a well known group of "Vkontakte" then you can sell!

Here is the answer to the question – how to make money "Vkontakte". Select the option and try! After all, the popular social network has for many become a place of part-time work, and for someone and a job!