You will need
  • account on the website;
  • browser;
  • - access to the Internet.
Click Internet address and look at the home page. Often the entrance to a private office located in its upper part. The standard login form has at least two text input fields. In the upper field you must enter a user name or email. The bottom field is for the password. Under it or next to it is a button, which is usually called "Login" or Login. Click on it. If the data entered is correct, you will be automatically redirected to your personal Cabinet.
If after the above actions to enter your personal Cabinet failed, check the keyboard layout. Change Russian language to English with the help of hot key or icon, located next to the tray. Also check the Caps Lock indicator on the keyboard.
Some owners of sites complicate the procedure of entering your personal Cabinet you add captcha. The standard captcha is an image with a set of characters that must be entered in the appropriate field. The establishment of a captcha is designed to protect the personal officeand from automatic programs visiting a site in human form.
If you went to the login page, but all text on the website has turned into strange symbols, you should change the encoding. Click "View" in the main menu of the browser and hover your mouse on the word "Encoding". A dropdown menu will appear with options for encoding. Activate the queue for different values as long as the text did not take a normal form.
If the page or the whole website is not displayed correctly, try changing the browser. Many sites recommend to use for logging programs such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
You can also deal with the fact that the home page is missing not only a form for entering login and password, but the link to the personal Cabinet. In this situation, try to ascribe in the address bar to the name of the website one of the following combinations of characters. At the end of the domain of the site you can add /login.php, /login.html that /cabinet, and in early print of a combination of stat, and lk cabinet, separated from the domain point.