The postal service was developed by Google. She, like most products, has its own peculiarities, however, made the most friendly to users, and therefore understand how to work with her will not be easy.

The entrance to the mailbox

In order to log into your Inbox, you need to go to the homepage of the mail server located at This page contains two main fields that you will need to fill. One of them is the username, i.e. the username that you specified when registering your mailbox. The second field is the password, that is your secret code that serves as a sort key, ensuring the security of access to your mail. Entering all required data, click "Login".

Problems logging in to the mailbox

A stranger that has no password, acting as a key, log in to your mail will be impossible. However, if you have forgotten or lost the password that corresponds to your mailbox, remember that there is a possibility of its recovery. In order to use it, click on the link "Need help?", which is located right under the "Log in" button and follow the instructions. This button may be useful for you and if you have any further issues logging into the mailbox, for example, if you forgot your user name that you provided during registration.

Check e-mail

If all goes well, and you managed to log in to your account, it's time to check email. After clicking "Log in" and auto-load the next page once you get directly into the Inbox folder that displays all email you receive. By default, they are sorted by time of receipt so that the newest messages are at the top. Be sure that you can, paying attention to the right column in the message list: there is receipt time for today's messages, and receipt date for older. In addition, for convenience, mail with address as in many other e-mail service, unread messages are highlighted in the list in bold, whereas the ones you've already read, marked in normal font.
To check the contents of the letter is also quite simple: you simply need to click the left mouse button on the sender's name or subject, and in the main window will appear the text. To return to the General list by clicking on the link "Inbox or the back arrow, which is usually located to the left of the address bar in your browser.