The translation of votes into rubles, any formal method is with a 50% Commission from VK. This means that if the user's single voice is 6.4 rubles, you will get only 3.2 ruble. With this amount, you must pay the tax to incomes of physical persons. For Russian residents is 13%, for non – residents- 30%.
To cash out the voices of Vkontakte it is possible by signing a contract. This method is suitable only for those who exchange a large number of votes (between 30000 and more). Another important condition, your monthly turnover should not be less than 15,000 votes. For the contract, please fill in your account, then go to the "Payments" section and click on the link "Personal account application". One contract can cover several applications. Upon receipt of the funds withheld VAT – 18%.
Translate voice into money you can use the system Robox. It does not need to sign a contract. The only condition is that you need to be in the Official group of trusted developers. To join this group every developer who posted at least one application, fully past moderation.

In the exchange of votes, the Roboxchange service charges a Commission of about 6%, depending on the chosen method of withdrawal (Yandex, webmoney-na-koshelek-kivi">WebMoney, Bank card, QIWI, Bank transfer, etc). When withdrawing money, the system will automatically keep with you not only the Commission, but income tax at the rate of 13%, which was already mentioned above.
Cash out your existing voice and by reselling them to third parties, but this method is officially banned Vkontakte. Any attempts to sell votes in the black market can lead to the suspension of the account and to lock one or more applications placed by you.