You will need
  • a pen, a blank sheet of paper or letterhead.
In the case when you need to leave work for a good cause one day in advance written application for leave without pay (under article 128 of the LC RF). To do this, you must come to the personnel Department and write to the Director of the firm in a free form or in form adopted by your organization (in this case a special form). In any case, in the body of the statement should state the reason. The statement should vyglyadyat approximately so:
Director of (company name) F. I. O.

Name of employee in the genitive


I ask you to provide one day of leave without pay (day, month, year) for family reasons (or other good reason).
The number

Once the required paper is written, and endorse it with his immediate supervisor. That is, he needs to sign it, that no objection to your absence on the specified number. Then take the application to the personnel Department or the Secretary, signed by the Director. But remember - the personnel Department is not entitled to make a decision. The gravity causes should evaluate the employer. To grant leave or to refuse, again, will solve it.
Further, on the basis of your application by the worker of personnel service is the order in which it is stated that the length of the leave lasts one calendar day. You, after reading this paper, should sign it. Only the presence of the order justifies your absence in the workplace, verbal permission power. If there is no order, then in the table put the absence.