You will need
  • registration (account) in the social network "Vkontakte".
Follow the competitions of the site "Vkontakte" out of the games, the prizes for which to vote. However, usually these contests promise a not too high amount of votes. In the presence of votes on your balance redeem them for coins directly in the game at the appropriate rate (for each game there is your course).
Collect coins at each login in the game. Some games have an automatic option-the gift - the gift of a certain amount when the application loads.
Complete simple tasks (quests), earn coins and not waste them for some time — so save up the coin for expensive virtual thing you need in the game.
Complete special quests and pay attention to household items. Sometimes in the game world after completing the individual games open additional locations where coins are hidden in secluded places, to which some players do not pay attention. Sometimes, instead of quests the player is offered the contests (e.g. best arrangement of garden), participate in them — this is also a good alternative for earning coins.
Swap regular coins on gold that have greater value or Vice versa. In some games, you can translate the base currency (for example, bronze or silver coins) in gold or other coinsthat are valued higher.
Sell valuable items in the game, if such option is provided. For the sold thing is sometimes you get the usual coins.
Move up the levels. Traditionally the game has a gift in the form of bonus coins or useful items in the transition to a new level that you can later sell.