The first method of creating and joining chat is the easiest: the comments under the posts one of the users. Create a separate topic in the group or post a message on someone's wall. With references to invite your friends to this discussion. To do this, in message box type in "*" or "@" in the English layout. Then write the name of a friend or the whole community, and the link on that page will automatically appear in your message. You can invite to the conversation of the user that you have no friends if after the special character "*" or "@" will write short address of the page.
If you want to join an active chat, just write your comment, and the news it will be participating in the conversation. For such chat there is only one condition: that the privacy settings of the user on whose page you have a common conversation. It must allow comment from everyone who correspond in a chat. You can make the chat private if you close the topic or photo, which is the conversation from prying eyes.
In chat private messaging, you can only join at the invitation of the user who opened a General conversation. To create a chat in messages, go to "My messages" and click on the "Write message", which is located in the upper right corner of an open window. For this you need to use flash messages in dialogues.
In the Recipient field enter the names of friends that want to start a conversation. The system according to the first letters will "guess" and to offer you users. Mouse clicking on the desired names. You can choose the names of their friends, opening their list Down arrow in the line "Receiver". This is especially useful if the friend you invite to the chat are at the top of the news feed. Take turns to choose a number of users. "Extra" sides can be removed from the chatby clicking the x in the upper right corner of their name.
After you have selected all the invitees to the chat, start a conversation in the Message field. Enter the text and click "Send". Your message will get all of your specified users will be able to answer you in a field of the same dialogue. The emails will come to each person in the "Recipients". In the same column you can add or remove participants chat.