You will need
  • keyboard
If the set text is uppercase (capital) letters, press the Caps Lock key, which is located in the left part of the keyboard. Then continue typing in capital letters. If you need to re-continue the set of capital letters – press Caps Lock again. If this key is pressed, and the set will be made in capital letters in the top right of the keyboard will light up the corresponding led.
In order to collect a few capital letters in a row, press the Shift key on the keyboard two to the left and right. While holding down this key, type the desired text. If it was typed in capital letters – set will go to uppercase and Vice versa. After you release the key, the registry settings revert to original.
In that case, if the text is already typed, and there is a need to replace capital letters in cursive, highlight the fragment block with the "mouse". If you want to select all text, press Ctrl+A (Latin). Then, press the key combination Shift+F3. To do this, press the Shift key and without releasing, press F3. The first press of this key capital letters turn into uppercase, after the second tap (the Shift key to release is not necessary!), the title will all first letter of each word, after the third – all letters are converted to uppercase again. Pressing this key combination, select the desired register.
If the text typed in text editor Word 2003 (doc files), select it using the "mouse" block. Then, in the menu, which is located at the top of the editor window, find the item "Format". Select Format-change case. In the sign lists all the possible actions from the register. By selecting the desired item, choose the required register. If you need to replace the uppercase letters in the uppercase – the "all lowercase". The name of the item may vary depending on the version of the text editor, but the principle is the same.