How to get free voice

If you want to get votes, "Vkontakte", it is easier to pay for them certain amount of money. Free voice to as real but for this you will need to do some actions.

The first way is to play apps. To get a free voice using the app, you will need to make payment for the initial bet, after all the same voices. Next, you will be given credit for wins and for the invited ISU friends.

Previously "Vkontakte" there were apps that gave users voice free. To date, the site administration not only shut down the application data, but also prohibited the withdrawal of the votes of the games.

The second way is to ask for votes from friends. If your friend has a few votes, which he enjoys, ask him to give them to you or to borrow.

The third way – perform a few special tasks. Many users "Vkontakte" and do not realize that in this social network you can get a free voice through sentences. Look for jobs that put users at different companies and online stores. They can offer you, for example, to register on their website to leave a review about their products to post on their page a link to their shop, etc. For such simple actions, they will reward you with votes.

To find these jobs, go to "My settings". Then go to the tab "Balance" and click on the "Get voice". Select the sections of the "Get voice" and "Special offers". The screen will display a list of suggestions from which you must select the most suitable for you.

If jobs are insufficient, change the settings of the profile of the city and put any major: Moscow or St. Petersburg. The fact that many of the jobs being offered to meet people from the major cities.

How to get the votes through a special promotion in groups

To participate in competitions, thematic groups "Vkontakte" - the last and the best way to get votes. If you have any talents, for example, you write good poems, songs, draw graffiti or make wonderful pictures, this method will suit you perfectly. Winners of these contests not only receive the coveted voice, but also with interest to spend time.

Most importantly, do not trust programs that supposedly created to get free votes. Almost all of them are created by fraudsters who wish to access other pages. Using such program, you can lose access to his page forever.