To sale through a group of "Vkontakte" became profitable, it is necessary to work hard on its promotion. A group of friends which has no potential buyers, is doomed to failure. Even if it has several thousand participants, sales will not be in it. Therefore the benefits will be too.

Well sell the group "Vkontakte", where the creators have performed an analysis of the activities of many communities of similar subjects, attracted a large number of prospective participants. In such groups the administrators are constantly in touch and always willing to offer advice or to arrange the sale.

Where to find the target audience for the group "Vkontakte"

Group creation is the easiest part of the case. It is important to attract more active participants. They leave the huskies and click on the "share", thus creating a viral product is.

Ideally, you need to look for groups where there are potential buyers. To chase a lot of misuse, and therefore unpromising, members of the group not worth it.

A waste of time to look for a buyer in curlers and face cream among motorists or football fans. In groups of similar subjects it should go through the personal pages of the participants and write them a personal message with the invitation.

That was not considered spam, no need to write the same text to all. It is important to refer to each by name and establish friendly conversation.

Yes, the time it takes a lot, but it is the quality and grateful target audience, potential buyers and consumers.

The value of quality design group "Vkontakte"

Care must be taken to have been attractive page group. Looked intuitive menu pages.

Product photos must be done professionally and classified sections or directories.

Information on how to purchase, should be visible at first sight. So you don't have long to track down the payment details, shipping methods and other necessary future buyer information.

Must be a page that contains feedback about the quality of the product. The more good reviews the more often to make purchases.

Like any business, a group of "Vkontakte" will be beneficial and successful only when a very serious approach to business. But there is one significant reason why the group of "Vkontakte" is to create and promote: this store does not require the cost of rental space, cost of construction and others. This can significantly increase the profit.

However, this does not mean that you can break the law and sell through the Internet are prohibited goods or not to pay taxes. Before you organize a trade through a group of "Vkontakte", is to study the legislation so as not to clash with state authorities.