To get free voice Vkontakte is quite difficult, but still possible. Ways to do this, there are few, in this long do not apply illegal ways to cheat the votes that were used previously by the user when the detection of various bugs.

How to get free voice Vkontakte.

Few people know that on the website Vkontakte you can quite legally earn votes by completing tasks. Among them census records, joining groups, inviting friends, registering on the website and others.

To find available deals for earnings of votes, you must go to "My settings" in the tab "Balance". They need to find the string "Deposit account" and click on the labels "Special offers". You will see a list of tasks and will be able to select those who are willing to perform.

If you can't find any available option cheat free votes, try to change the account settings region of residence. Usually, companies offer special promotions to residents of large cities. Also, the number of available jobs may be affected by age - in many shares can only be made by adults.

How to wind the voices of Vkontakte applications

In some applications Vkontakte you can earn free if you invite your friends. Often you can use them, unfortunately, just for the extra options in the game.

You can find the application lottery in which voices are played to the users. However, in order to be able to win free voices, you need to make a bet. Thus, this method is not completely free, and wasted votes in the case of loss and does not return fail.

How to get free voice Vkontakte, participating in actions

Cheat a lot of votes Vkontakte may be taking part in various rallies which are held in the advertising community. You can find contests where the votes played out among the participants using a random number generator, but the probability of success in such action is minimal.

But if you have any creative abilities, you can try to participate in the competition of talents, making best picture, writing text, slogan, slogan, drawing a picture,

How to make free voice Vkontakte

You can also sell services for votes. For example, it is possible to negotiate with the administrator of any community that you will invite friends to group, post interesting posts, engage in moderation, but it will get small number of votes.

It is not necessary to participate in various fraudulent schemes cheating votes Vkontakte. These include various financial pyramids and programs for the coveted currency. In the first case, you will not only be able to voice Vkontakte free, but also lose existing, and the second will help the cyber criminals to hack your account by entering the cheat for your username and password.