You will need
  • name (username) mailbox on
  • password from mailbox on
  • – the answer to the secret question
  • – login and password
  • – reliable personal data provided during account registration on
Open the main portal page In the upper right corner, select the "Mail" tab and fill in the column "Name" and "Password". In the graph domain, you have to choose one of the options. Click on the "Enter" button and wait for a page to load. If the system identificeret data page appears for the mailbox. In the top menu click "My world" and wait for the download account.
Use the link on the "My World" through a social network To do this, activate your account and on the top menu, click "My world". It should be remembered that this menu appears if activated the "Remember me on this computer". By the way, the same indirect link to My World is present in the instant messaging Mail Agent. If this app is installed on your computer, simply run it and in the top menu, press the button in the form of a man with globe. When you hover over the sign displays a context signature "My world".
Use the procedure of account recovery if cannot identify the user. It is necessary to recall some of the information provided during registration.
Go back to the welcome page and click "Forgot?" in the "Mail" tab. The system will then offer several options for recovery. If you remember the username and domain of your mailbox, after you enter them, the system will request the secret answer. The question and answer you selected when registering your mailbox. If you do not remember the secret answer, use the support link that is on this page at the bottom of the screen.
Complete the form as fully as possible. The system requests information that was provided at the time of registration, so the more accurate the data are, the higher the probability that will restore the account. It should be remembered that at the same time it is necessary to send more than one request. In the event the application is approved send to the specified mailbox new password to log in. Therefore, the system will send multiple passwords by the number of applications that may hinder the activation of your account.