To see who most often visits your page in one of the most popular networks "Vkontakte", you need to log in to your account and select "my settings". In the opened tab you need to select the option to "delete your account" (of course, delete anything not necessary) and select the reason you want to delete the account, namely, "no comment"page.

After specifying this item, you will see a section in which you will see friends, often calling you "visit" with a note that you are not careful and these people will regret your departure. As can be seen from the above, the method is pretty simple, here, home, after a reason of account deletion not click the "delete page".

Least a simple way to know who visited your page "Vkontakte" is the use of the account other. You need to go from the page of each person that you want to know how often he comes to you "meeting", choose "friends" and see what position you are this person: the higher you get the more it comes to you, "the flame". Thus it is possible to check all the desired friends.

The third method is the most informative, but it requires the installation of the application, for example, "my guests and the audience. In order to install it you need to go to your page "Vkontakte", select "apps" in search to type "guests" and select the option "guests and fans."

After starting the application you will be able to see the activity on your page over a certain period, which they themselves set: month, three months or the entire period. It should be noted that currently there are many applications that allow you to see visitors, for example, "Pathfinder", "infographic + guests, etc what to choose - you decide.