Unlike some fairly complex functions of a social network, to know who you blacklisted Vkontakte, you can quickly and without any problems. First of all try to go to the page to a certain user and look at her. If you are in the black list, it will only be a smaller picture of a person. Information becomes available only its name. In this case, you will see a framed warning that the user has restricted his circle of friends. This means that you have blocked.
The proposed method is to find out if you're blacklisted VK, suitable for those situations when you need to check one or two people. The difficulty arises when you are unable for some reason to block many users. In this case, come to the aid of such a solution as adding a special application in the appropriate section of your profile in the social network. Try searching for the words "blacklist" and the blacklist. One of the most famous application called Blacklist.
Start the selected application and use its functionality. "Blacklist" and similar programs can scan your friends and users from their friends list (total number of guests per check may reach several hundreds), and then immediately displays all the links to people who have added you to the black list, there are pages which are blocked for you. These actions do not contradict the rules of the social network, so you're safe.
Beware of third-party apps and sites promising to find blacklist Vkontakte and show you all the blocked users. Most of them are fraudulent and can cause harm to your computer. In addition, in the wrong hands can get your personal information, including login and password from the page VC.