One of the main signs of forced entry, is that you see in social networking online, when you online no. Check it out just. Especially do not go to your Vkontakte account in a few days and ask your friends to observe your page. If during this period your page was active – the fact of the burglary there.
The second sign of hacking is the presence of messages in the Inbox marked as "Read" that you see and read for the first time. It is also a clear sign of hacking. So, these messages, someone read for you.
The third symptom of hacking can be considered the complaints of your friends on your spam messages on your behalf Vkontakte. This may be the message is that sending malicious links, wall posts. If received at least one such complaint – please change your password immediately! Probably your account hacked.
Fourth, the most effective check on the hacking account, is a function of "the Security of Your pages." It is in the settings of your account Vkontakte. Go to General settings, choose the section "Security page". Here you can see when, what time, what IP addresses and browser were you log in. This is perhaps the easiest way to check. If, for example, your IP address:, and the entrance was carried out with':, then your page two users. (Find out your IP address by using special programs that you can find on the Internet.)