Use app-dummy. Now they're becoming extremely popular because they allow you to get enough reliable information about the guests. Meaning that they post on your page a link, clicking on which the user falls into the trap and you can see that he came. If they were disguised as normal links, it is now rare to see and more creative options (invitation to visit anonymous questions, a link to an interesting article and so on).
Use applications that gather information. They allow you to cover not all people that visit your page, but most could be traced. The fact that they read information about the actions that users have made on your page (put the huskies, comment and so on) and display the information you need.
A little trick had prepared herself a social network. Go to "My settings" and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Click on the link "delete your page" and then select "my page no comment." The comment window will be shown two people who often come to you. Repeating this procedure several times, you can see several guests.