You will need
  • To be registered Vkontakte.
The app "My Guests and Admirers" With the help of this application you will be able to catch the guests to your page to find out which friends are most interested in your person Facebook. Consider the guests and fans separately. My guests First tab called "My guests" works on the principle of bait. If you just click on the tab "My guests" then the app will analyze and give you those people among your friends who recently visited page. If you want to catch those who may visit your page, but not included in the friends list, you need to just use the same bait. How to do it? After opening the app, find the button "Want more guests" and click on it. You will appear in a new window, which will be presented ways to catch more guests. The methods are different, but the principle one is the use of a reference trap. My fans are the Second tab of this application called "My fans" determines the activity of people visiting your page. Here you can watch the activity of their visitors in the last month, 3 months or stay Vkontakte. In addition, only in this application you have the ability to click on any friend on the left and see his fans. Find out who often goes to a page on your boyfriend or girlfriend.
The App "Friends. All of Your GUESTS!" Who was on my page Vkontakte? The answer to this question will also help to learn and this app. It works on the same principle with the application we discussed earlier. However, the functions of these applications are slightly different. As for the topics that interest us, to know who viewed the page Vkontakte is also possible using tabs "visitors" and "Fans". To view through this app, you must install the link-trap to your page that are supposed to transfer the person in your personal diary. Of course, this does not happen, and the app captures the visitor. View all caught guests through this app. You can also analyze fans sidewash friends. The application will give you fans for 1 month, 3 month and all the time that you are on the website "Vkontakte". However, compared with the previous application, perform friends and fans to complete the program will not work. This app does not allow to divide friends into fans and fans and see them individually. You will not be able to find out fans your friends.
Program Who was on my page Vkontakte? People who have a "disservice", it is often advised to take advantage of different programs that supposedly will analyze all those people who were on your page, and will give you full list on a silver platter. All the programs that you offer to download, to learn about who came to your page to contact a Scam. You can often see on the Internet the program "my guests". This is another fraud that want to make some easy money, thanks to naive users contact. The program "my guests" and similar is not even saved on the servers. So where do they get information about the visitors of your page Vkontakte. Happily ready to find out who was on my Facebook page, you downloaded the software. When you download the program to spy on friends and begin to install it, you write that you want to send an SMS message to continue or to just go to your page Vkontakte. You have already caught the virus. Use an anti-virus program or read the article on our website on how to unlock the page Vkontakte. Do not try to send an SMS or pay anyone money, otherwise you lose your money and the virus will not go away. When curiosity is not haunted, and I want to know who came to your page Vkontakte, use apps. Not worth it to jeopardize the security of your computer.