How to know who visited Vkontakte via applications

The legal way to know who went on my Facebook page, lies in the social network. Just need to go into the app and choose among them suitable for keyword "Vkontakte" or "Guests". There are different types of applications. For example, some of them enable you to calculate visitors by their actions on your page ("Active guests" and others).

Application of the "Active guests" say visitors do like or repost any of your records. In addition, as soon as someone from your friends or other users of Vkontakte will leave a comment anywhere on the profile (on the wall, under the photo, video, etc.), the program will record it, and it will be possible to view information about guests for the day or other period of time. Here gathers many statistics about the most active friends and those who abandoned their page.

You can find out who visited Facebook page, using other available applications such as "Trap friends." It is an older and well-known way to tell guests of the VC, which is as follows: the application proposes to place in your available to all personal data (for example, "my web site") and seemingly harmless link myblog.<url>", "", etc. the better you disguise the trap, the more it will get visitors who will decide that this is indeed the name of any of your personal web resource. Of course, everyone who clicked the link, immediately get on the guest list of your pages in the app.

How to know the guests Vkontakte legally

Quite an interesting way to tell guests of Vkontakte – with the statistics page, initially available in the profile (under the avatar). However, it opens immediately, but only after you type at least 100 subscribers. Currently, to make it easy – just leave a request in one of the groups on one of the sites dedicated to mutual subscriptions: users are invited to subscribe to you in return for your subscription back. High activity to recruit more than a hundred followers can have per day.

Watch the statistics over several days or even weeks. It does not show specific users that came to the page, however, provides such data as total number, gender, age and city guests. As a result, by ordinary care you will be able to guess who it is and how often you go. For example, if the leading columns of a male 25 years of age from a specific city, the girl may well guess that it often comes in love with a young man from the inner circle.

Not even gaining a sufficient number of subscribers, you can know who visited my page Vkontakte. Just watch how you communicate with your friends and acquaintances in the social network and beyond. For example, someone added the same audio or video recording, as you have in profile, joined one of the groups on the page or just sprinkles quotes from your walls in everyday life, then this person obviously is your frequent visitor.

Ways view VK that do not work

In any case, do not fall for the cunning tricks of scammers offering different ways to watch guests Vkontakte. Unfortunately, today's distributed sites, which allegedly reveals the ability to view visitors, initially hidden by the administration Vkontakte. You can offer free to download a harmless program to identify guests, or to use the online service with similar functions. In fact, it is completely wrong.

Most likely, you'll put on computer a dangerous virus that lead the system. Also there are quite a few Trojans, which transmit to attackers the personal information of users. Some immediately get access to your page and start spamming the friends list. Thus, not entered on it. If you are extremely important that visitors to the page were visible in any case, just use for communicating other social network, for example, "Classmates" or "My World". There every visitor immediately appears in the tab "My guests", in contrast to the "Vkontakte", the creators of which are trying to protect user privacy.