Log in to your profile on the social network Facebook, using your personal login and password. Go to the menu item "My settings" on the left side of the page. Scroll down the General tab until you reach the section "Security of Your page". Here you can see what IP address, browser and what time were you log in. If you see that some of the sessions had no entrance from unknown computers, most likely, your page was hacked, and the attacker knows your username and password.
Try to identify at the displayed data, who is able to go to the page under your name. Maybe someone you know uses exclusively the browser or mobile application, as specified in the history sessions. As soon as possible to activate the function "Terminate all sessions". After that again go to your profile and open the settings menu. Set a new password, thereby protecting your page from re-visits to it of extraneous persons.
Remember, not if you went to your page from another computer, for example, while visiting friends or in Internet cafes, etc. you May not have performed the procedure out of your profile or accidentally set to automatically enter the password in the browser settings. If so, then the possibility of using your page by unauthorized persons is very large and you can guess exactly who did.
Check your e-mail address that is linked to your page "Vkontakte". The social network automatically sends a variety of information about the latest user actions on emails that may help you figure out, you did not get the page into the wrong hands.
Go to the dialogs on the page. View if there are no dialogues here, or private message that you sent to which users. Very often hackers pages be the senders of spam, which begin to send promotional messages to all the contacts profile. Be sure to complete all open sessions and change your username and password.
Sometimes when you try to go to your page, a message appears stating that it is frozen in connection with the attempted break-in by an unauthorised person. If we are to join your page tried someone of the users of the VC, you'll also see his nickname and a photo. Please click the link below to the administration of the social network and ask them to give you back the stolen page.