To be aware of who has visited your page Vkontakte, install the app called "My fans and my guests." Go to your profile and select the option "Applications", which is located to the left of your profile. Enter the app name in the resulting search graph, locate it in the list and click on it.
You should see a window "Install application". Put optional checkbox at the bottom next to "allow app to send me notifications", then click "Install". Wait until the download (you can follow her at the bottom of the window). If after installation any advertisement asking you to install another app, you can safely close it.
Open the app, select "My fans". Can view the rating of virtual friends to visit the page for all time of stay in the service Vkontakte, three months and one month. You can also view the visitors of your page all together or separately for men and women.
And in order to know which unauthorized users have you had on the page, hit the top of the application window "My guests". Below you will see how the analysis. If the day someone people visited your page Vkontakte, their avatars will appear in the app and by clicking on the image, you can view their profile.
If the avatars are not displayed, click the option at the bottom to "Catch more guests." You should see a window with the offer to place it on the wall and in the news record. Next, click "Add" and enter the code below.
If no one appeared after this operation, it means that on this day your page no one visited. Do not worry, because you can watch visit for other days. For this application next to the date click on "a Day ago". The program will show you who was visiting your page Vkontakte.