If you are registered in at least one social network, you've probably seen on his page small a label-the button "Turn invisible". Click you you for completely frivolous money, about a hundred rubles, I offer the following service: during the month you can anonymously go to the pages of other users. Yes, you certainly can see those invisible on the page. Comes this invisible, watching, learning, and you have nothing to do with it can not. Most social media users are extremely displeased, however, for the networking situation is favorable to make some extra money.
Previously, it was possible to calculate the "invisible", looking at the HTML code, there was a "hole" in the "Classmates", "My world", "Vkontakte". Now this opportunity was closed, and the average visitor to social networking this was of little help. Remain ways more psychological.
If you have a good memory and you remember their guests for the last two or three days, then you can try the following method. Carefully review the guest list. The fact is that if you yesterday "came" classmate Vasya Ivanov under your account, and today he is on behalf of the "invisible" wrote you a muck or a Declaration of love, then continues his portrait of the guest list will disappear.
More complicated, if the "invisible" until you came. If you are not annoying, and only occasionally visited, and it is possible not to pay attention. If you started a conversation with you and not behind, you can try to guess which of your real friends can do it. Well and if very much prevents to live, try to contact moderators, justify their claims, and will help you for sure. No, the name of the invisible man you'll never know, but on a page to you, he will not fall.