Try to observe the activity of your friends: one of them was online at the same time with you who could see your latest news and click on them. Usually such actions as changing avatars, adding new photos and records on the wall, causing a noticeable stir among "friends", so you can easily find out who visited Vkontakte. All doubts disappear, if someone of my friends clicked on the mark "like" or left a comment to the record.
If you want to know, never dropped Vkontakte for your page or specific friends, try to compromise him by sending a message by writing, for example, "did you Like my photo?" or "how do you feel about my writing about...?" If a friend will answer the question, rather, he came to the page, and if you do not understand, therefore, among the visitors it was not.
Go to statistics page by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom left corner. This feature is available to users who have more than 100 subscribers. If you have less but really want to learn more about visitors to the website, contact one of the many social network groups, in which users are invited to sign up for the implementation of various orders.
Statistics helps to know who visited Vkontakte for your page, although information about certain users still does not. However, you can see how many visitors visit a day what gender, age, city, and country lead. One has only age or gender you can guess which of friends have been your guest. If the lead the visitors from other cities, remember, didn't you leave that message in any group, where you can also see the matching existing data users.