Images from any photo album or news can be viewed in full screen mode. Simply click on one of the pictures and press Alt+Enter. And if you put a check mark in the lower left corner, it will start a slideshow of all the photos in an album.
Tricks of Vkontakte - a slideshow of photos
Can't find unread messages? It is easy to fix. Go to "My messages", choose "Show messages" and click on "unread". This displays a list of all unread messages.
Tricks Vkontakte - view unread posts
Can't find important news in the community or on a friend's wall? Use the standard search. Click on the top border of the wall (where indicates the number of records) and in the new menu click on "go to search" in the upper right corner. You can search for news and reviews.
Tricks Vkontakte - search wall
Some users re-download their old avatars to make them the main. But not necessarily to duplicate old photos. Just go to the album "Photos from my page" and drag the photo in the end. After that, the photo will automatically become the main.
Tricks of Vkontakte - download old avatars
If you want to attach to a photo or video from Facebook, not necessarily download them or add to their albums. Just copy the link and paste it in the news, the content you want will attach automatically. By the way, pictures can be attached from the Internet, it is enough to paste the link into the text box, and here's a video from another resource (e.g., youtube) to attach will not work.
Tricks Vkontakte - attaching photos and videos
You can group friends using private lists. Go to your friends list and in the bottom of the right menu, select "Create list". These lists will be available for viewing only by you. They are intended to fine-tune access rights to your personal content.
Tricks Vkontakte - private lists
Users followed more than 100 people can view the statistics of visits to your page. To do this, go to your profile and click "Stats page" in the lower left corner, under the albums.
Tricks Vkontakte - visitor statistics
Don't want to see in the news a bunch of uninteresting content? Go to "My news" and click on the "only Show interesting." Now you will see only the most important news, for example, the new photos of your friends, and news, most communities will cease to seem.

By the way, you can also disable the display of the posts. Go to "My news", select "source List", switch to "Black list" and uncheck the "Show up in the News." Now will you stop seeing reposts of friends and communities.
Tricks Vkontakte - filtration news
You can remove the other or the community at the bottom of the list in the respective menu. To do this, locate any news item, click on the x in the upper right corner, select "don't show news.." and immediately cancel this action. The rating of a friend or community will fall, but you will continue to see their news.
Tricks of Vkontakte - the downgrade of friends or communities
The owners of public Facebook pages can create a wiki for their communities. To do this, type in the browser window a link like: where XXX is the ID of your community, and NAME - title. Fill in these two fields and click on the link. The page is ready, it remains only to fill it with content.

Be careful, these wiki pages cannot be renamed or deleted.
Tricks Vkontakte - wiki-pages for public pages