First method: at 24.00 hours you need to go to the place where there is spring water. Next spring put your underwear by turning it inside out out. You then need to score three times in the palm of water and wash, not as usual – but from chin to forehead. Any drops to throw into the water, saying: "As goes the last drop of water, let go and the last drop of my tears". Next, you need to turn to the water back, scoop the water up your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder with the words: "As the water goes fast, so evil and corruption fly fast. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit. Amen(3 times)". Clothes that you brought with you, you need to wear not taking exactly 3 days.
Second method: at 24: 00 hours place frying pan on a high heat, left hand throw three handful of salt, and watching the Browning process of the salt, say: "You 77, I will feed you, I will give you a drink, show – tell us who, when and for what servant of God(name) is evil about it. Nor beast, nor fish, nor bird, but a man. Show, tell us – how". If salt much crackling, turn black, and sometimes hear something like a groan, go outside, find 21 star, starting to my right, and say: "Queen-Zvezdica give back the evil that was brought to me, nor bird, nor fish, and man. Give him, and I forgive him." After this ritual during the day nothing at home anymore is impossible, and in debt to anybody nothing to give.
Third method: it is necessary to dry the flowers that you have been in Church on Pentecost in Liturgy and Vespers. Put one flower in a deep plate and pour him a glass of Holy water. Light a candle and read for two times the following prayer: "our father", "creed", "Live aid". Then you should drink three SIPS of water from the plates, and the remains of the wash. After that, set aside a coin for alms. The treatment lasts for forty days. After the treatment, you must order three of the prayer service in the Church: the Martyr Tryphon, Panteleimon the healer, besserebrennikov Kuzma and Demyan. After prayers, the accumulated 40 coins should be given to the poor, sitting on the porch of the Church asking them to pray for your good health.