Advice 1: How to clean an apartment with Holy water

Your house, which until recently was so cozy, it can seem almost hostile. Sometimes it is – whether a person is bad to you walked in, there was a fight. Do not worry: a few simple steps – and all will be fine again.
How to clean an apartment with Holy water
You will need
  • To clean the apartment from negative energy, you need Holy water and a Church candle.
Actions can be different: who bells hanging, who the priest in the apartment invites. In any case, your apartment needs to be clean, and if possible, try to throw or give someone the things you don't need. Well and removing, remember that you just order things, do magic cleanse in your house. At washing of floors can add water, a little Holy water: it is believed that all water becomes as a result of the same properties.
If you are a man Orthodox, to cleanse your living space, use a Church candle and Holy water. This work, preferably one or two, when the house no one else. Unplug the phones, turn off the TV and radio so you are not distracted. It is also believed that if someone calls you or knocks on the door, it is a sign that the apartment is really not good.
Light a candle. Starting from the front door, go around the entire apartment, every room on the perimeter, reading silently or aloud the "our father" or another prayer. Baptize the corners of the house or the angles formed furniture, three times, lingering in the places where the candle begins to crack or burn unevenly, a little longer. The candle should not go out, otherwise you'll have to start over. More attention will be devoted to mirrors, TV and computer, as well as the bedroom. The bathroom and toilet can not go, crossed them three times, standing in the doorway. After that, left the apartment, crossed the doors themselves, on the lintel, you can leave the sign of the cross.
Then you, or the person who goes after you with Holy watershould sprinkle it everywhere, especially in corners and pantries; it is also desirable to open the cupboards and put on the shelf. After cleaning the apartment, take a shower. A piece of candle must be removed from the apartment (take out with the trash in the trash).
Remember that this is not just a ritual: you cleanse your home from all evil, and therefore your thoughts should be joyful, because the energy of your home creating, primarily, you.
Useful advice
During the ceremony you should be well aware of what you are doing and why. Not to be distracted by anything extraneous, even in the mind.

Advice 2 : How to bless the house with Holy water

In Orthodox Christianity there is the ritual consecration of their homes, during which the house and the people living in it is called the blessing of the Lord. It is believed that this weakens the power of evil spirits and peace in the home depends only from the living.
How to bless the house with Holy water
You will need
  • icon;
  • - Holy water;
  • - amulet;
  • - new Cup.
According to Orthodox traditions to sanctify the dwelling needs a priest. To come to the temple and talk to any priest or by the priest about the possibility of making this rite. This has never been denied, but the time and day of pick up so that was convenient to both parties. During the conversation, also ask what is needed from your side for the consecration of the house, and what will be the amount of donations in the form of gratitude. But even if you have no money, I can not refuse. The size of the donation for the ceremony is usually determined only by your desire and possibilities.
Buy the Church candles, the icon of the Savior, if you have not, and special stickers with the crosses that my father put up on the walls. Usually that's all a priest brings with it, but just in case, and you'd better stock up on them.
Get in the house before the ceremony. Your home should be clean and bright, both literally and figuratively – do not swear on this day and not keep in mind the bad thoughts. If the apartment is placed Souvenirs or figurines from other countries, for example, Turkish eyes, the signs of the zodiac or the figure of the Buddha, remove them too.
Put in the room a small table and cover it with a clean white cloth. Perhaps he will need a priest to put on his clothes for the ceremony.
During the consecration are near a priest. If you know read them a prayer, chant along with him. After the ceremony, thank the priest and, if possible, give a donation to the Church.
When there is no possibility to invite the priest, sanctify the house with Holy water themselves. In any case it will be pleasing to God, but consecrated representative of the Church is no substitute.
Prepare the house to sanctification as described above, and then place the icon of the Savior or the virgin in the corner opposite the door (the red corner). Put it under the lamp. Pour the blessed water into a new clean container, dip it troeperstie right hand and sprinkle the corners of the house, avoiding them clockwise starting from the red corner. During the consecration spell: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, by the sprinkling of Holy water causing the flight to turn every evil demonic action, Amen." After that, leave the room burning oil lamp until the evening.
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