It is believed that to remove the evil choice every time, because you should not delay getting rid of this negativity for a long time, but in many cases it is best to show yourself to the rituals carried out during the waning moon. During treatment, damage to, preferably, eliminate alcohol, tobacco, and animal food at least for a few weeks.
Mild types of damage, you can try to remove with the help of breathing exercises, which generally helps get rid of negativity. For this method all you need is a stopwatch. Sit at the table, put the stopwatch in front of you, straighten your back, place your hands on your feet or pull them along the body, with the power exhale all the air, then hold your breath for about twenty seconds. After that let out your breath, take a breath and repeat 5-10 times. It is best to do these exercises daily at least for one month, it will not only remove damage but also protect you from possible negative influences.
If in this way it is impossible to remove the damage, you can use the Church candles and prayers (this method is suitable for Christians and unbaptized but believing people). Buy in Church consecrated candle (you can buy a few to spare, if the right ritual will not work), go home, get a candle in your right hand and start to drive her bottom up and top down in front of him. Aloud or silently read the prayer "our father", then crossed myself with the candle seven times, not stopping to say a prayer. So it is possible to remove the damage not only with yourself but with other people.
From damage helps to order the Church of prayer of health for 40 days. This is a good option for Christians, but it rarely helps the followers of other religions.
To those who profess other religions, you can try to remove damage by using well known cleansing rituals and prayers. If you think that you induced damage, do not apply to all known religions, it will only hurt you, drain you of energy.
If you think that prayer does not suit you, buy a crystal (you can buy a pendant or other decoration with this stone), carry it with you in a few weeks, for example, a full lunar cycle, then bury it in the ground at the same time. The stone will pull you all the negativity and damage, and the earth will clean it. In the future, you can use it already as an amulet that such negative effects just taking.