You will need
  • raw egg, a glass of water, paper, prayers
Put the person that got the evil eye, to icons face. In the absence of icons facing the window. Stand behind the person.
Start to drive a raw egg around their head. Motion should be done clockwise. Because the evil eye is more striking in the upper chakras, the treatment head needs to take more time.
Without lifting the egg from the body, down along the spine. Collect the negative spiral motion. Next, treat the hands and feet. Keep the egg for a second, not to lose contact with the body.
Pronounce the prayer to eliminate damage, the evil eye, fright. If you do not know certain prayers, read what I know. The main thing - the sincerity of your intentions.
After 15 minutes, take a glass, half filled with water, and turn to the Lord for the gift of purity truth and strength of it. At the end of the request you must say "Amen." At the same time, when you say the prayer, break the egg into a glass. The yolk should remain intact.
Crush the shells and throw the paper. Burn the paper and reading the prayer "our father", dig. Wash your hands with cold water.
Wash the Cup, saying: "My I is not glass, but a servant of God (name of man) from the evil eye and various troubles. As the glass is clean, and servant of God (name of man) from the evil eye and trouble clean. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen." Wash your hands in cold water.