Real evil eye can be removed only by a real grandmother-the wise woman. But these grandmothers don't have ads in Newspapers and the Internet, the fame of them is the most ancient way – by word of mouth. So if you suddenly need such grandma, it is not necessary to buy Newspapers with ads – the real witch you will not find it. Of course, the Newspapers printed many ads, but it's not true grandmother. Such witch just pulled out of your money and not help.
A real lady who is able to remove the evil eye, usually lives in a village or small town. So, go to the next village and ask the locals. Maybe someone you know has dealt with this witch. However, do not always want to talk about his problems, especially not in the close circle.
If none of your friends had problems like yours will have to use the Internet. Only it is not necessary to pay attention to a huge number of different ad types: "lift curses", "deliver us from the evil eye". These ads are akin to those printed in the Newspapers, so no aid promote themselves witches and sorcerers you get. You will only real people on the forums. Find a forum of interest to you subjects. As a rule, women's forums. If none of them have a similar theme, get it yourself. Ask a question. You can not immediately answer, but don't lose hope. It is best to ask your question in several forums that you have multiple addresses or even phone numbers.
Call all the phone numbers you give on the forum. Ask how much the grandmother take money for their services. Remember, a real witch will never tell you the amount. To see how the grandmother takes for help, ask the person who gave you her phone number or address. If you go to her, be not too lazy, ask the locals how much money you need to leave the grandmother for her services. It to keep and not to pay. In General, the real healers do not take money for his help, they accept only gratitude. The gift of this woman is that, if sold, it will disappear. So, if you want to thank the woman, leave the money (or things) on her doorstep, on the windowsill, in the hallway – anywhere, but don't let her.