If your health is poor, this is a problem sometimes doctors, sometimes just banal beriberi, and sometimes the machinations of enemies. They can induce damage to you through various means which are quite common. Or order it from a professional hereditary of kolduni-extrasense. And as in any other business, it all starts with diagnosis. How to determine what you have the evil eye or spoilage? The answer to this question will be later, but for now a little warning. If you are not confident in their abilities – refer to the professional healers. Not always the victim he is able to cure yourself from the evil eye or damage. Need help. But if you are sure, then....

How to identify damage or the evil eye

No need to run to the healers-the healers, because everything can be done on their own.

Methods there are many, and the simplest:

To take the most common faceted glass tumbler, pour water in it (cold from the tap), put it on your head (yourself). This place is better, when helping a loved one. He (or she) should take a fresh egg and breaks it over the Cup and the contents poured into water. The main thing – not to damage the yolk. Hold this "cocktail" on the head for a few moments and view it in the light. If the egg lies safely at the bottom, envelops the yolk, and the water is clear – it's all right. Worse, when the white from the yolk seemed to go up white thread is definitely damage.

Take your wedding ring and hold cheek. If the black stripe is bad.

Using the same egg, but not breaking it, and rolling them in the face. Then the shell breaks, the contents poured into a glass beaker and evaluated. If no changes – it's all right, but if not, then... proceed to the next Chapter.

Himself a psychic to remove the damage

The removal of damage does not require complex rituals. Enough that everyone has in the house.

You need to make a small clarification put a curse or the evil eye. Sometimes, oddly enough, can overlook even himself. People every day repeating to himself that he did not work, everything is useless, that nothing good will not lead. This position creates a kind of energy field that encodes the man himself up for failure. The reservation serves as a reminder to all about how important it is to be positively minded person. And not always the surrounding guilty that something is wrong.

So there are people with set damage or a malefice. What you can and need to do in this case?

Method 1: Take the glass or Cup with clean water, as well as matches. Burn 9 matches (to the end), when this is ignited from the previous one. The burning match falls into the water with the words "ninth, not eighth, not the seventh" and so on until the end.

To wait a minute and see. If all the matches float on the surface – no evil eye. And if one was in a vertical position – to say "Welcome to the gates, evil out forever!". In the water obmenivaetsya fingers and draw crosses on the chest, forehead, shoulders, wrists, elbows and on the solar plexus. Continue to take 3 SIPS from the Cup, and the rest pour.7

Method 2: Put a glass of water in the headboard for the night. There to break your fresh egg and say, "Take from me all bad." In the morning, consider the strings in water, stir it and pour.

These methods are simple, affordable and can be performed by all people. However, it is worth remembering that in life it is best to do good, positive attitude to the environment and others, and then you will not have detractors.