Signs of evil eye

Sleep problems – chronic insomnia and a constant desire to sleep during the day indicate that the person was subjected to energy impact.

Lack of energy, fatigue, tearfulness – it is also an indication that you are cursed. Sudden problems at work, problems in personal life can also speak about negative effects.

What to do?

If you find signs of the evil eye, do not panic, it is actually to get rid of this scourge can be, the truth will have to work hard. Methods for the removal of negativity there are many, those that afford to spend for each person on their own, consider this article.

Ways to reduce the negative impact

Before you begin, tune in to a positive, mentally ask forgiveness from those who were angry and annoyed. This needs to be done to get rid of the internal negative which attracts negative influences. If you are a believer, go to the temple and ask that you read prayers for the health.

For removing evil eye, prepare an infusion of the herb sage, wormwood and thyme, taken in equal quantities. Grass just pour boiling water and leave to infuse for half an hour.

While preparing the infusion prepare a chicken egg and a glass of ice water. Slowly start to trace the egg in a circle the head, then gently down to the neck and then all over her body, down to the heels. In the process of working with egg imagine, as it takes all the negativity out of your aura, mentally ask the egg to take away the negative program.

Then crack the egg into a glass of water and see what you get. With a strong evil eye, the protein can boil, it can stretch the strands with bubbles. If the egg has black inclusions, it is generally may indicate damage and then will need to see a specialist in the field of esotericism, because such effects are impossible to clean.

After the procedure is carried out, drain the egg into the toilet with the words "go away evil from whence it came". Now go into the shower and stand under streams of water for 5-10 minutes, then Oblates infusion of herbs and lie down to rest for a few hours.

If you did everything correctly, then positive changes will begin 2-3 days after magical work. You feel good, you will have the power to implement the plan, improve relations with loved ones.