What is the damage

Damage is the intentional harming a person through occult methods. The tradition of this phenomenon comes from the days when people have to resolve irreconcilable contradictions and conflicts there were only two tools – the magic and war.

Civilization has expanded the range of possibilities in order to achieve justice, to defend their rights and punish the offenders – these goals should serve, first of all, the law. But some continue to achieve their goals and settle scores with enemies use dark magic.

Among specialists in different fields who have studied this phenomenon in theory and in practice, there is no consensus regarding terminology, because the occult is diverse enough. Most of the biological energy therapeutist, healers, and Ministers of various religious cults believes the damage deliberate damage of the subtle spiritual structures of another person with the purpose of causing harm to his health, property, family, career – until his death. Even many of those who do not believe in the efficacy of targeting corruption, understand that such intentions are in themselves vicious.

Corruption manifests itself not explainable by medical deterioration of health, feelings of anxiety, helplessness, a series of chronic failures in cases of systematic destruction of property, deterioration of mutual understanding with family, friends and colleagues

For no reason at all, against the background of previous human welfare enter into a feeling of depression, thoughts of escape, rupture of social ties and even suicide. The failure of attempts to find a rational explanation of what is happening leads one to thoughts of the induced damage. Myself sometimes, and often with the help of a healer person can diagnose that his fears are not in vain. What to do with this "gift"? With the removal of damage people usually turn to the experts, sometimes trusting the one who diagnosed the presence of damage. But the eminent healers with a permanent, trusting them clientele, suggest the diagnosis of damage to apply not to one but to several specialists, in assessing the seriousness of their approach to problem solving and reasonableness of fees.

What can complicate the removal of damage

Often the question arises – how safe is the removal of damage by itself, will not cause whether it damages the already faltering health, which was suppressed occult aggression.

These doubts are not groundless. Working with the subtle energy structures of the patient, the healer operates not only magical techniques, but affects him with its energy. The struggle embedded in the fine structure of malware can cost considerable strength. It is therefore necessary to be careful to attempt to remove damage on your own or with the help of friends, familiar with magic and occultism only for literature. Healers describe their work in articles and books, as a rule, do not hide the difficulties and side effects. Few takes for damage removal in a single session, including because of the need to measure impact on the energy of the patient to postpone the removal of damage without unpleasant consequences.

Sometimes there occur in humans in the process of removal of damage the feeling of weakness, a state close to fainting. In those cases when it became necessary to remove damage to the child, better if it is in the hands of a parent. With even greater caution has to act if the healer is dealing with pregnant women and the elderly.

In a number of chronic diseases the removal of damage is associated with increased risk that does not question the need to do it, but forcing the healer to act especially carefully and adjust leverage. Therefore, a significant objective of the health problems he have to tell us before you start work. A special approach will require oncological diseases, disorders of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, including the presence of a stimulator of heart activity and other implants. The attention of the healer to the patient of such diseases, it care serve as an additional factor of credibility as the expert.

After removing the damage

After removal of damage is necessary to work on restoration of fine structures of human, healing energy wounds, suppression of residual phenomena of occult aggression, the communication of patient with physician rarely includes less than five or six sessions. This should be considered when planning the rites by removing the damage and arranging payment for them.

The removal of damage can serve for human cause for serious reassessment of their lifestyle. The understanding of the situation can often lead to ambiguous conclusions. Becoming the object of occult aggression once again be in a similar situation, especially if you provoke her. It is helpful to ask yourself the question on expediency of continuation of dialogue with unpleasant, hostile people. It is also worth thinking about increasing your protection from such impacts, which can give class spiritual practices or proselytizing.