Advice 1: How to get rid of conspiracy

The fashion for grandmothers psychics and fortune tellers, has acquired such a scale that even the most sober-minded people rushed to direct, to remove the damage. In fact, the plot is the usual suggestion, which is a greater problem for the person who orders and leads, than the one to whom it moves.
Believe in yourself and not in the conspiracy
Read the articles about primitive societies, primitive forms of thinking. Shaman pretended that with the help of a conspiracy to cause a fire. In fact, in the right place was hidden smoldering embers. Now no one would believe that the reading of some texts or rambling sentences, you can change the material. It is easy to check. But in the field of relations faith in conspiracies becomes frightening scale. Having understood the principles of the fire, people stopped being afraid of the shamans that cause them. If you understand how to apply the conspiracy, why these rites of self-hypnosis are successful mostly have minded ladies, you too will be able to avoid their impact on themselves.
Understand that the conspiracy is self-hypnosis weak. To plotm women (rarely men) who have exhausted all means to influence the situation in a personal communication. The basis of the conspiracy is usually the envy which is a sin in most religions. In a secular society, envy is called a Vice. With the help of a conspiracy losers trying to Rob more successful people made money, love, lover, etc.
Examine the principle of operation of protective psychological mechanisms. This will help you to consult a psychologist or good literature in psychology. Our mind has a system of protection of its integrity from injury and damage. These protections are, if you say, roughly, "useful" and "useless". Useful or adequate protection to take us to a new level of relations, helping to overcome problems, to resolve conflicts. Useless protection is often inadequate and unconstructive. Their goal is to ease fear, frustration or other negative emotions. But they do not lead to solving the problem. Conspiracy – it is the self, which is done by reading texts and ritual actions. Or is the suggestion from some grandmother or psychic. At the time, it helps the victim feel more relaxed, more strong and significant. But time passes, people who curse you, alive and unharmed, his circumstances of life only improved, and the victim continues to believe in otherworldly forces. In most cases, conspiracy – only earnings for the charlatans, which does not solve the problem of who orders it.
Be bold, believe that protection of conspiracies within you. If you are a believer, look for prayer against the evil eye, they are in every religion. If you are an atheist, can write a short affirmation or a text that cheer you when meeting with someone who presumably induces damage to you. See this man boldly in the eye, speak in a calm and reassuring voice. He must see that it is not made of emotional imbalance in your life. When you can prove to the offender that is not afraid of him, he will understand that reading to you a conspiracy - it is empty and hopeless.

Advice 2 : How to protect your home from magic

To protect your house you need not only from thieves but also from the negative effects that can make strangers. Any person, without knowing it, you may envy your wealth, thereby automatically sglazil you and your home. There are those people who intentionally try to hurt and give you different troubles with the help of magic. In any case, whatever the intent of the person, it is best to protect your home from this and nothing to worry about.
How to protect your home from magic
You will need
  • - rock salt;
  • - candle of the Church;
  • - cactus;
  • - chalk for drawing;
  • - the icon.
Place in the hallway near the door of the ordinary cactus. Importantly, entering your house, guests could see it. The plant is absorbs negativity, in addition to beautifully complement your decor.
Take some rock salt and put it on her the following words: "the Sacred salt purify my house, take away the negativity, all the bad run". To speak need a calm and clear voice, exactly seven times. In conclusion, be sure to say, "so be it!". Then add salt in water and rinse her room.
Draw with chalk on the front door a small cross, while drawing read the prayer "our father", and at the end cross the door and sprinkle it with Holy water. The cross on the threshold, you can draw a circle, square or pentagram. With the last sign, be very careful, because if you draw an inverted pentagram, it begins to attract evil spirits and negative energy.
Watch the state of your input Mat, it should not be dirty. The fact is that when a person enters the house, wipes his feet, then he, along with dirt, leaves part of their negative energy. The door Mat is a common but effective talisman for your home. In addition, the constant monitoring of the condition of the rug, you will not allow the attackers to pour or to throw under it charmed objects.
Hang in front of your front door the icon of the mother of God (seven arrows). It can protect you from damage and the evil eye and ill-wishers don't want to close the door to something you do. With the advent of the icon of the house disappear conflicts, resolves anger and distrust.
Feeling fatigue and some discomfort, light a Church candle, hold it some time in hand, stand before an icon and ask the way to save you and your loved ones from all kinds of calamities. Then extinguish the candle and hide it and use it again. Remember this: the candle needs to burn out just before seven arrows and other icons to put it is impossible.
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