You will need
  • Fresh egg, Cup, 13 matches.
Determine if there is damage on you. To do this, type in a clear glass of cold water. Break an egg into the Cup without damaging the yolk. Stand up straight, pulling your chin to your chest and put a Cup of egg does on the crown. Wait for 2-3 minutes. If the water remains clean, clear, means at you there is no slander. If the protein strips go up - you were made hex. If the stripes have bubbles, the hex is very strong, and if the protein strips you see black dots, the damage was done on the burial ground or death.
If you are unbaptized, you need to take the sacrament of baptism. Have baptized person has a guardian angel. He protects from evil people, from negative energies, if you read the prayer.
Do not remove the pectoral cross. The cross must be blessed in the Church.
Prepare for confession and vpovilaitis. Corruption and curses are given to us for our sins. There are no people without sin, therefore, confession and the Holy Communion is the best cure for the devils.
Clean up your house, then get the priest and sanctify the house in which you live. Home is the place where we restore our energy hole. If the house is chaos - your aura is not restored during sleep and you are more vulnerable. Even a negative word spoken in your address, can work as a curse. During harvest, remove closets, remove carpets, be sure to check the pillows and cushions. Usually, slander items, such items are called "lining" you have to find them. If you find the lining, bare hands it is not worth taking. Wear rubber gloves or a plastic bag on his hand.
If the lining can burn, then you need to take 13 matches. 12 folded into the well, 13 to burn and put on top of the lining. When burning an object that was made hex - the temperature is very high, so make sure that the storage capacity where you will burn the cursed object was the stand. When the fire began to burn - you need to cross three times to say: "criss - Cross, be gone demon, be gone evil spirit. Amen." When everything burns down to ashes, gather the newspaper and throw it in the river with the left hand with the words: "come - back and go find his master. Amen." To leave, without turning around.
40 days to read morning and evening prayers. Be sure to read the "our father", "let God arise", "hail Mary" and "King of heaven". If you did a spell, incantations recited for 40 days. Now you have to tell the prayer for 40 days to neutralize the negative energy of a magical conspiracy.
Food be sure to add the Holy water. Drink a few SIPS on an empty stomach every morning.
For 40 days you will read the prayers, limit people, I went to your house. Try not to let anyone. If will come close relatives, immediately after they left, sprinkle all the corners of the house with Holy water in a clockwise direction, reciting the "our father", "let God arise", "hail Mary" and "King of heaven".