You will need
  • - your touch device.
Look closely at your keyboard for the presence of special buttons control the screen of the monitor. Pay special attention to the multimedia keypad – sometimes the key with the desired team is there. Click it and deactivate the touch screen, moving it to normal state, if required. Also review the touchpad touchpad buttons, if any your model laptop.
Please read the manual to your device in order to learn special combinations. Usually they will use the system keys: Ctrl, Fn, Alt, Shift and so on. If you have a Fn key, look in the upper numeric keypad the button with the icon to deactivate the touch screen, are also frequently used buttons F1, F2, F5, and so on.
Go into the BIOS of your computer. To do this, when it loads click a special button which is responsible for input in this menu. It can be Delete, F8, F1, F2, Fn+F1 and so on, the combinations can vary depending on the model. Also note the loading screen when turned on, there should be a line “Press ... to enter setup”, instead of the points will be written the desired combination.
Look in the BIOS to control your monitor, and disable the touch operation using specially assigned keys, stated in the menu below. They can be different depending on the model. Exit BIOS, saving changes.
Start the computer and check off whether the touch screen. If not, read the instructions carefully. Running in the configuration, or view the information on the official website of the computer manufacturer, search for your model, also you can find out from the seller of your computer when buying.