Disable or enable touchpad is not difficult. Manufacturers of mobile computers has provided a special key combination. On computers of different manufacturers are different combinations, usually they are specified in operational documents. If the documents long gone, you can try to sort out combinations of "Fn" + "F5 – 12", this path will allow you to work out other combinations, as each of them allows you to quickly adjust the screen brightness, sound volume and other settings of the computer. For example, on laptops company Acer touchpad turn – off key is "Fn" + "F7".
Some laptop and netbook button on/off touchpadа is located near the touchpad.
It happens that alternative mouse off programmatically. In order to verify this, go to "control Panel" -> "Mouse" -> "device Settings" and enable or disable the touchpad. Here you can configure the panel so that it will disconnect when you connect an external mouse and Vice versa.
In some models of mobile computers touchpad can be enabled/disabled in the BIOS. In order to enter the BIOS hold down while booting press "F2" or "Del", then locate the item Internal Pointing Device, change its value from "Desabled" to "Enabled" (enable) or Vice versa to disable the touchpad.