You will need
  • device Duo Digital.
Find the diagonal of your monitor. If it does not exceed 22 inches, you can easily turn into a touch screen using a specially designed in Korea gadget Duo Digital. This device is a scanner attached to the top of the laptop monitor. He tracks the movement of the device and sends a signal to the computer. A second device of the Duo Digital system is a pen that plays the role of manipulator and at the same time fully replaces the mouse functions, because it contains two buttons, similar to those present on the standard devices.
Order your Digital device Duo. Its price now ranges from $ 50 for one set, it does not depend on the diagonal of your monitor. The device can be used not only for laptops but for regular screens, however, simultaneous use it for a computer monitor and in some cases impossible due to the inconsistencies of the sizes of the diagonal and proportions.
Purchase this product in online stores and don't buy from sellers with questionable reputation. Since this is a fairly new product segment, it has not yet managed to get wide distribution, so you can find it in the stores in your city might be problematic.
Once you acquire Digital Duo, lock the position of the scanner on the top edge of the monitor with special bracket (these are usually Webcams). Preferably install it right in the middle of the width of the monitor. Turn it on, install the software on your computer (comes as standard), perform the initial setup respectively the attached instructions.
Please note that this product is not yet on the market with the Russian version of the interface, so choose a different more or less known to you the language of the installer. Pair the devices.