Advice 1: How to remove the keypad lock on the phone

Lock the keyboard of the phone is a security measure that allows you to eliminate unwanted button presses that can result in making calls, or changing some phone settings. Carry your phone in your pocket is better with locked keypad, as the keypad of the phone in the pocket (especially pants pocket), very often subjected to accidental taps. To remove the lock the keyboard in several ways, depending on phone models and types of keyboard (physical or onscreen).
How to remove the keypad lock on the phone
Have phones with a physical keyboard unlocking is usually done in the effect, similar to its inclusion. It is done by pressing certain keys in a special order, or by pressing and holding one of them. It can be the keys *, #, and press "Menu". Consecutive pressing two or more keys most securely protect the keyboard from unwanted unlocking.
The phones touch screen and keyboard, as such, no. It is the role of the screen. If the phone still has a few buttons (of the package and reject the call), they are locked together with the screen. To unlock these phones often need to press and hold a certain part of the screen that looks like a button (often with an icon in the form of a castle). This method allows quite well to protect the phone from unwanted unlocking.
In some models of touch screen phones a more serious way to unlock the keyboard. It lies in the fact that the screen needs to "draw" a polyline to a specific shape. This method has the highest reliability, as it is guaranteed to eliminate unwanted clicks.
Keyboard different models of phones are locked differently. Read the instructions to the device before you lock the phone keys. In the latest phone models can be applied in new ways to enable and disable the keypad lock.
Useful advice
To ensure that your phone has always been protected from unwanted keystrokes, use the "Auto keypad lock". Keyboard will turn off a few seconds after you stop pressing the keys.

Advice 2: How to remove buttons from the keyboard

Sometimes a simple shaking out crumbs from the keyboard can not do. If the button is stuck the oily dust from all sides, the easiest way to wash them with warm water, and you need to remove them first.
How to remove buttons from the keyboard
You will need
  • The keyboard layout of the keyboard, screwdriver, pen, pencil, tweezers
Find in Internet a picture of a disassembled keyboard. Print out or draw it, if you do not plan to shut down the computer, then open it on the monitor.
Disconnect the keyboard from the system unit.
Each button of the keyboard has two legs with ridges that infest in the small cylinders placed in the keyboard case. There those legs up in the spacers.
Podavaite knife, pen, tweezers, or simple metal rod of the buttons and pull them out. It will take quite a sizeable effort to get each button out of its slot. Some long button attached to the hull in several places, such as spacebar, Shift, Enter. While they still exist special metal tube which enters the grooves. This tube ensures that property long buttons in which the button will work even if you push on it with the edge and not in the middle.
When removing buttons these tubes do not interfere, just be careful that they are not lost. When installed they are optional, but provide a more comfortable work even with long keys.
Controllers are responsible for what the character is entered from the keyboard located on the keyboard, not the buttons. Thus, if when assembling the keyboard, you will violate the order of buttons, clicking on that button will put the symbol for which the controller is responsible, not the symbol that is displayed on the button.
Useful advice
Buttons can be washed all together in the warm soapy water. Then dry on a cloth and insert in the keyboard. The keyboard case wet you can just wipe the plastic part.

Advice 3: How to remove screen lock

If the message "the Computer is locked. To remove the lock administrator" can be caused by several reasons, one of which is the use of a damaged or non-existent program splash screen.
How to remove screen lock
You will need
  • - Windows XP
Perform the simultaneous pressing function keys Ctrl+Alt+Del to unlock the screen of the computer when the message appears stating that the computer is blocked dominates and use login and password of the account the most recent user of the computer.
Confirm your selection by pressing the OK button, and wait for the window "unlock computer".
Re-pressing function keys Ctrl+Alt+Del and log into the system.
Use the utility turn off the computer from Microsoft Windows Recource Kit for the dialog "system shutdown" in case of impossibility to identify the user that has locked the computer.
Do not proceed until the new dialog box "Windows Operating system".
Perform the simultaneous pressing function keys Ctrl+Alt+Del to the initiation of the screen saver screen and perform the procedure of entering the system.
Click "start" to bring up the main menu of the operating system Microsoft Windows XP, and click "Execute" to initiate the changes corrupted splash screenthat is causing the blockage screen of the computer.
Type regedit in the Open box and click OK to confirm the command, the tool has run "registry Editor".
Expand the registry branch HKEY_USERS.DefaultControl PanelDesktop and select the option Scrnsave.exe.
Open menu "edit" the toolbar editor window and select the Edit command.
Enter a value for the logon.scr in the text box and confirm the command by pressing the OK button.
ScreenSaverlsSecure specify the parameter and return to menu "edit" the toolbar editor window. Select "String".
Select "String" and type 0 in the text box.
Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button and close the tool "registry Editor" to apply the selected changes.
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