To clean the touch screen regularly at least once a week or as needed. But to do this very often is also not recommended in order not to reduce the technical characteristics of the screen.
These types of screens produced by different technologies, so before you start cleaning, meet instruction of the gadget. Typically, it specifies what and how to clean the device. In addition, when purchasing you can immediately purchase and required tools for cleaning. It is usually fluids (intravenous) and cloths of special microfibre, which have antistatic properties.
Some manufacturers specify that the touch screen should be cleaned using distilled water or an aqueous solution of isopropyl alcohol (1:1). Others prohibit the use of any alcohol, including methyl and ethyl. If the instructions for your device for the clarification there, look for information on the Internet, but not in a hurry to clean, because if the tool is wrong, the screen may become cloudy over time.
For cleaning touch screens you cannot use strong solvents, ammonia, benzene, any abrasive cleaners, compressed air, liquid for washing Windows, cleaning conventional monitors, aerosol sprays. Remember that after the use of such funds a guarantee of the manufacturer becomes null and void.
To clean the touchscreen using a microfiber cloth. Can come and other soft, lint-free materials.
The sequence of cleaning is as follows. Turn off the device. So you will see the entire surface of the screen and determine how it needs to be cleaned. In some machines there is a function with a mode of cleansing, which for this purpose turns off the screen without turning off the gadget.
If the screen is heavily soiled, have oily stains, use the cleaner fluid in the case of small contamination such as distilled water or a special tool. Sometimes you can just breathe on the spot with the contamination and easily, without pressure, RUB. Do not RUB the screen with a dry cloth as this will damage the sensitive surface.
Never apply liquid directly to the display. It should be only slightly moistened cloth and then wipe. Do not spill liquids on the case or bezel that frames the screen.
If the contamination is such that you doubt the success of self-cleaning, or the screen has drops of corrosive beverages (coffee, alcohol, sweet tea, coke etc), go clean it to the specialists in the service center.
In the future, buy and attach to the special screen protective film. If it is of good quality, almost invisible in use and can protect the sensitive display from various accidents.