The touch screen is a novelty in the device head unit. However, it allows you to control its functions without the use of keys. Thus, the process of selecting parameters is considerably accelerated.Touch interactive panel is a thin self-adhesive plate, which is located on top of the LCD screen. The sensitivity of the panel is so high that the output signal varies even from the lightest touch. This leads to the fact that the selection of the desired function is effected by finger touch or a special pen on the desired image on the screen.
Thus, if you want to enable the touch panel of the car radio, pick up a stylus pen to navigate the touch screen. Or depending on the type of car, use your index finger.
A slight movement of the slide the stylus or your finger on the touch control area. It is a light area on the front panel, where the variety of functional areas.
Easy to hit with a stylus or a finger to the part of the surface of the touch screen where the power button and power off. She is depicted as a circle that crosses the vertical at the top of the dash, and located in the upper left corner of the screen.
Power on the touch panel will happen instantly, therefore, remove the stylus or finger immediately after the first attack on the screen.
If you want to disable or enable the sound when listening to music, use the same button to enable and disable the power supply. Next to the circle you will see MUTE.- During playback of the audio file, hit a slight movement on your touchpad once, and the sound is muted. - Press the touch the MUTE button and music playback will continue.