You will need
  • System and software disabling operation of the touchpad.
The majority of manufacturers of laptops use a touchpad (touchpads) of the company Synaptics. The company is engaged in the production of touch panels. Using application software you can edit settings that was originally incorporated in the device work tachpadom (the sensitivity of the device, the speed of a click, scrolling, etc.). The latest version of these touch panels allow you to lock laptop. To unlock the laptop will be the only one who has blocked it, uses a technology called "fingerprint".
To disable the touchpad in your laptop you must go to properties of the touch panel or contact the program Synaptics Pointing Device Driver, which is responsible for operation of the touchpad. The program allows you to disable the device until the next boot of the system or completely.
To go to the properties of the touch panel, you must click menu "start" select "control Panel", then select "Mouse". In the opened window "Properties: the Mouse, select the tab "device Settings". Find the device name and disable it.
Disabling the touchpad can be produced using hot keys on the laptop keyboard. Simultaneously hold down the function key Fn and the key that shows a hand touching a touchpad. To enable the touchpad do the same.