Advice 1: How to disable tablet

The tablet is an electronic device with touch control. Functions the tablet is extremely wide: the Internet, downloading your favorite games, music, camera and video and so on. It is very convenient because it can be put in a bag or backpack and carry. Plus it works on batteries. But like every device it has its drawbacks. For example, it may hang or not to join.
How to disable tablet
Merely turning off the tablet. Every model has a button to "Turn - off" is in different places: some on the side, some from behind or from above. To activate click this button and a little support – until the image on the screen.
To disable the tablet you should press the same button that when turned on and wait until the screen is turned off or goes saver.
The tablet is stuck. To solve the problem there are several options: just off and on; removing all additional devices; reboot. After shutdown it is necessary to wait a few seconds and only then to include.
Removing any additional devices. In case if you fail to disable or fix the situation the first way you can use this method. The tablet retrieves all devices: SIM card, memory card and battery. Then inserted back in and the tablet turns back on.
Restart. Each tablet has a Reset button. You need to press it with something sharp and wait a bit. At the time of the operation necessary to remove the flash card, to avoid deleting all the games, contacts, music and other things. After this step, the tablet itself should be included. You can insert the memory card back.
Charging. If the screen does not light up, you can put the device on charge for 20 minutes, then try again to enable. If the tablet becomes a little warm, so it works.
Disconnect tablet from computer. IPad and IPod this operation is carried out in different ways. The IPad is enough to turn off cord USB cable from your computer and tablet. In all other tablets the operation to disconnect the device from the PC is the same.
The IPod is much more complicated. Before disconnecting from the computer you need to press the Eject button located beside the list of sources. If the device is already added to the list, then click on Controls - Eject.

Advice 2: How to turn on the tablet

Tablet computers have become a popular tool for daily use for browsing the Internet or editing documents. However, tablets often there are glitches to fix which has the most user.
How to turn on the tablet

Problems when you turn on the tablet PC

Each plate is activated via a special button on the top, side, or back of the machine. To start the device you will need to hold the key for about 2-3 seconds, then wait for the final loading of the operating system. In some cases, the device may not respond to pressing the power button because of a malfunction.

Problems with the tablet can be divided into two groups: hardware and software. The last group breakdowns can be fixed only in the service center, and glitches in the operating system in 80% of cases can be solved by the user.


The common reason I cannot turn on my tablet it becomes fully discharged. Try to connect your device to the charger that came in the kit at purchase. Common reason for failing to launch is to use chargers from other models of tablets and mobile phones. Connect the charger to the network and wait about 10 minutes, then try starting your laptop by pressing the power button.
If the device cannot turn on, try to remove your SIM or SD card. Sometimes the cause cannot turn can become a problem in the circuit data storage media.

If the machine still fails to boot, remove the back cover (if removable) and remove the battery for a few minutes. Then install the battery back in and try again to enable the device.

Software faults

If I cannot turn the device was preceded by the installation or launching of any application, you'll need to do a factory reset or manual reset. Find on the machine the button to restart, marked with a red dot or the word Reset. Usually, this key has a very small size and can be pressed only using a toothpick or thick needle. Click using a handy object, then try again to turn on the tablet. It is possible that this operation will delete all your data and reset the device to factory. Thus, all information stored in the device will be removed.
Data stored on removable media (flash card) will remain intact.

If none of the above actions do not help, contact technical support of the manufacturer of your device or take the device to service center, where you will be able to diagnose the hardware of the tablet and to fix the damage.

Advice 3: What to do if tablet not included

Tablet users have long been accustomed to the convenience of using these devices. The book can be read and games to play, and to sit on the Internet. But what if the tablet does not turn on?
What to do if the tablet is not included
The first thing to do is to understand the cause of the failure in the tablet. They can be divided into two groups: hardware and software. In the first case, problems with any parts of the device, the second problem in the operating system or applications.
Corny, but still a tablet may not turn on if it is fully discharged. Do not worry if by putting off the device on charge, you will not be able to use it. To begin, the tablet will take 10-15 minutes. Periodically try to turn your device on by pressing and holding the "power" button. If for a long time the tablet is charging but never starts to work, probably the problem is something else.
In the case of charging the device does not interfere to check the operation of the charger. If the screen for a long time don't see the icon of charging, try connecting another device with the same connector.
If the tablet is charged but when you press the power button nothing happens, try to remember not to fall if the device had not been whether the strong shake, hit you on your screen.
If the screen does not work, can only think that the tablet is not included. To verify this, notice the sounds the device keypad illumination. If your noise or clicks, and it shows mechanical damage, or he has a burn button, it is likely that the problem is with the display. In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to do it yourself, better take the device to service center.
The image may also be absent and damage your video card, but in this case to disassemble or repair the tablet is not recommended.
If the physical damage from a tablet computer, it may not be included due to a failure in the operation of the software. In such cases, you should see clear signs of the health of the device. For example, it is only partially and hangs at a certain point in time (most often when you download you see constantly lying Android).
The reasons for these failures may be overloaded RAM, incorrectly installed applications, incompatibility of some programs are forced to terminate some system processes, accidental deletion of important files and makes the operating system.
If the tablet is not included due to software failures, it is possible to reset user settings. Each tablet on Android or another operating system, hard reset is different. To find out what keys you should use, consult the manual of your device. Before full reset remember to turn off tablet, eject memory card and SIM card. Often devices Android factory reset is by pressing power on and volume changes. They need to click until until a a slight vibration and a menu on the screen. In the menu find the item Reset Android. Usually it is in settings, format file sistem. The disadvantage of such a recovery method of the device is not only reset all your personal settings, but the complete removal of all data. Therefore, it is better to avoid situations when the tablet is not included.
In some cases, to establish the device can jailbreak your idevice. However, if you never have not experienced this, it is better to refer the matter to a specialist.
Useful advice
What to do in order to avoid problems with the tablet? Tablet to turn on and continue to delight you for a long time, treat it carefully always after using store it in a protective case away from children and animals.

Don't forget to charge your device. To the tablet battery to serve you longer charges after use battery life.

Do not delete files whose purpose you do not know. Do not install unknown software from Internet resources.

Periodically clean internal memory of the tablet, so you do not suffer the question "what to do if tablet does not turn on".

Advice 4: How to connect the tablet to the computer via Wi-Fi or USB

The owners of tablets, it is often necessary to configure a connection to a computer or laptop. This is necessary in order to upload on a mobile device, movies and music, and also to throw off his photos and videos. Therefore, owners of such devices want to know how to connect the tablet to the computer. Normally, the connection is establish via Wi-Fi or USB port.
How to connect the tablet to the computer

How to connect the tablet to the computer via USB

Most often, the tablets have a USB or miniUSB. Wire to connect the tablet to the computer usually comes bundled with the device. To establish a connection, you must connect the cable to the port on your computer and tablet.

If the tablet you see a message stating that there is a USB connection, click it. If the label does not appear, go to the tablet preferences, in the advanced tab in settings USB, select Connect USB storage to PC".

If you managed to properly connect the tablet to the computer, you will see that there were two removable disk drive. One of them (where a lot of folders) - memory of the tablet, the other memory card.

To correctly copy the information from your tablet to computer and Vice versa, use file Manager, e.g. Total Commander.

If the manufacturer of your tablet provided in the kit special software (for example Kies for Samsung, for Android), you can use it to connect and work with files.

To correctly disconnect your tablet from PC, click on mobile device "disable USB" or through the "safely remove" on your computer or laptop.

How to connect the tablet to the computer via Wi-Fi

This method is not the most ideal option so as to deal with such a connection is difficult. To connect the tablet to the computer via Wi-Fi download and install on mobile device tool OnAir, and on a notebook or computer file Manager, e.g. Total Commander. In the OnAir program mode FTP connection, in the opened tab, enter any data, exactly the same figures put into a program on the computer. The connection must be established.

Advice 5: How to disable the lock screen on the tablet

Almost every mobile device has a special mode that runs after a certain amount of time. This mode is called the lock screen.
How to disable the lock screen on the tablet

Lock screen

Every mobile device after a certain period of time for which this device is not used, goes into screen lock mode. It is worth noting that in recent versions of mobile devices began to appear a variety of widgets that you can display on your lock screen and use them. Of course, if the user needs quick access to the device and its functions, then this screen will only interfere. Therefore, it may be better if you just disable it.

Lock screen can be: GUI password entering the pin code or just drag the slider. It is worth noting that the graphic lock and the pin code is the best option, as no one except you will not be able to access the device and the confidential information will not be affected, and therefore, it is better to use such options for the lock screen.

Disable lock screen

To disable the screen lock, simply open the mobile device menu and go to "Settings" and there select "Security". Appears a rather large list where you want to find and select the "Lock screen". Here the user can specify different values, and to disable it just select the corresponding item ("Disable" or "Cancel"). After applying these changes, the device will automatically switch to desktop immediately after pressing the power button. In the end, the screen will just go blank, but no lock screen will be gone. In order to get her back, you must be in the same section and select "Enable".

It is worth remembering that the lock screen (with password) - the perfect way to protect the information stored on your device from unauthorized persons. of Course, if you remove the lock screen, then people with access to your device can know your confidential information, and in case of loss of the mobile device, they will be able to fully use it. In this regard, it turns out that if you have a need to disable the lock screen, think about the installation of various security applications. Today, they are not difficult to find, for example, in the Google Play Market or AppStore. Some of them allow the user to remotely lock the device or completely wipe out his memory and all files. This is especially true in the case if your phone or tablet has been lost or stolen.
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