Merely turning off the tablet. Every model has a button to "Turn - off" is in different places: some on the side, some from behind or from above. To activate click this button and a little support – until the image on the screen.
To disable the tablet you should press the same button that when turned on and wait until the screen is turned off or goes saver.
The tablet is stuck. To solve the problem there are several options: just off and on; removing all additional devices; reboot. After shutdown it is necessary to wait a few seconds and only then to include.
Removing any additional devices. In case if you fail to disable or fix the situation the first way you can use this method. The tablet retrieves all devices: SIM card, memory card and battery. Then inserted back in and the tablet turns back on.
Restart. Each tablet has a Reset button. You need to press it with something sharp and wait a bit. At the time of the operation necessary to remove the flash card, to avoid deleting all the games, contacts, music and other things. After this step, the tablet itself should be included. You can insert the memory card back.
Charging. If the screen does not light up, you can put the device on charge for 20 minutes, then try again to enable. If the tablet becomes a little warm, so it works.
Disconnect tablet from computer. IPad and IPod this operation is carried out in different ways. The IPad is enough to turn off cord USB cable from your computer and tablet. In all other tablets the operation to disconnect the device from the PC is the same.
The IPod is much more complicated. Before disconnecting from the computer you need to press the Eject button located beside the list of sources. If the device is already added to the list, then click on Controls - Eject.