Try to disable the touchpad on a laptop using a special key combination. To do this, hold the Fn button, which is located at the bottom of the keyboard, and one of the function keys. Usually it's F6 or F7. On the corresponding key can be set to the icon of the touchpad. Pressing the same key again activates the touchpad.
Note the area of the taskbar located in the bottom right of the desktop. There may be an icon to activate the settings of the touchpad. Click left or right mouse button and select the appropriate menu item. Disable the touchpad, select the desired option.
If the combination of the function keys on the keyboard not working and the touchpad icon is missing on taskbar, most likely drivers not installed on the device. Check the installation program on the CD included with the notebook or download it on the Internet. For this you can use the search by the model name of your laptop and enter the additional word "touchpad". In the search results you will see links to resources where you can download the necessary installation software. Immediately after installation, the icon of the touchpad appears on the desktop, and you can disable it using the settings menu.
Checking if additional device settings if you still cannot disable the touchpad. Restart the computer and press the Del key immediately after boot to launch BIOS menu. Find the tab for the Internal Pointing Device and select the option "Disabled" or "Enabled" to deactivate or activate the touchpad. Save the settings and restart the computer.