You will need
  • - the passports of both spouses with the mark of marriage
  • - completed application
  • - paid stamp duty
Along with the certificate of registration of marriage in the passport to put the stamp of marriage. That's all you need to conduct different transactions: the purchase of an apartment or other property, registration of contracts of sale, donation, etc. Because all that is acquired during the marriage is jointly acquired property and do anything they want confirmation that the decision is mutual. It should be noted that it may sometimes be necessary all of a sudden, so in case it is lost, it is better to rebuild as soon as I discovered the loss.
To obtain a new certificate in the registry office, which registered the marriage or at any other office of the Registrar across the country. All data is stored in a single archive, so restored without much difficulty.
To restore the certificate it is necessary to fill in the application addressed to the head of the registry office, putting in him all your details and the date of marriage and the cause of the loss of the certificate.
After that you must pay the state fee, taking a receipt at the Registrar's office. Payment can be made at any Bank branch or through special terminals, which can be installed in the office of the Registrar.
Next, you should provide your passport with a stamp about a marriage, to give a statement and paid the stamp duty. After some time you receive a new certificate which will indicate that this is a duplicate. If you asked the office of the Registrar where you were married, then you can restore it almost immediately, and if in other - it is necessary to wait a few days until you will receive information about you from the archive.
The duplicate issued certificate has the same legal effect as the original. A duplicate can also be recovered in case of loss in the offices of the Registrar.
When restoring evidence is not necessarily the presence of both spouses, the main presence them passport data.